Valory Irene as Danni Ashe

Busty girls come and go in the world of big boobs. Some of them have become real legends and their pictures are deep into our minds no matter how many years pass by. Valory Irene or Valory Fleur if you prefer is one of these girls that their pictures will stay many years in our memories. Many times, by looking at a girl, she instantly reminds us of another girl in the past. Her face, her body or her big natural tits look alike and this brings back old memories. Here in this set, Valory seems similar to a former big boobs legend, Danni Ashe. Valory’s huge naturals with large areolae and puffy nipples instantly remind Danni’s boobs, especially when she is wearing this neon yellow slingshot swimsuit. Many of you might not recall the specific Danni Ashe pictorial, but others might as well make the connection. In any case, enjoy the pictures and the video, they have special historical value!

Get in today and see all of Valory Irene’s Ukrainian 34G Huge Natural Tits inside!

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